Eric Brandfass 

A Grass Valley native and current resident of Northern California foothills, Eric not only works as a stager on the Mint Staging team but as a talented artist and organic farmer as well.  We are currently featuring his custom made Eucalyptus wall hangings in our stagings. Wild harvested and bound with waxed hemp cord, Eric creates these wall pieces specific for your space--each one hand crafted to fit any wall. Click here to visit his online store or get in touch with us directly to learn more about bringing his natural elements into your home. 

Tim Herod 

Born in SF and raised in Santa Venetia, Tim is not only the co-founder of Mint Staging but also our lead art designer and curator. Every single one of our projects have showcased his beautiful art, created specifically to compliment each unique space. Send us a message here to get in touch about having Tim create a custom piece of art for you! Pro tip: His art also makes for great gifts! 

Marilyn Brandfass 

An artist of many mediums, Marilyn is constantly creating. On any given day, she can be found hand painting cards, designing glamping trailers, painting murals, knitting clothes, sewing blankets, painting canvas, turning meals into an art form in the kitchen, traveling the world, and, luckily for us, busting out beautiful wall hangings for home stagings projects. She is a source of inspiration for all around her, and is, as you may have guessed by now, my brilliant mother. Her art is not currently for sale, but if you're lucky enough to be in her company she would gladly make you a piece of art if you asked,  and will probably cook you dinner as well. We proudly feature her art in each project and believe it gives homes that special cozy touch that results in quick sales. 

 dan covert

Dan Covert is an artist, designer and director who lives in Brooklyn, NY. He began to experiment with painting and woodworking as a way to reconnect with making. Since then, he has developed a graphic language of organic and decisive forms. His work explores structuring and ordering these abstract shapes so they appear composed yet spontaneous. Dan is as interested in negative space as he is the positive, while he continues to develop new forms and compositions, using both analog and digital processes.